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Fire Fighting Equipment Supply, Installation & Maintenance in Pakistan

Professional Fire Protection
Service Provider in Pakistan

We Deliver Complete Fire Protection Systems, Supply, Installation & Maintenance a Wide Variety of Fire Safety Equipment. in all over Pakistan

Fire Cope (Pvt.) Limited company Lahore

Fire Cope Lahore was established in 2009. We deliver complete fire safety management, by supplying, installing and maintaining a wide variety of fire safety equipment. Let us know your fire safety and maintenance needs, and we guarantee to beat any price you have been quoted already! We are passionate about providing the best quality fire safety products with excellent customer service. It is our responsibility to keep up to date with crucial fire safety regulatory developments and to make them available to our customers, in order to ensure the safety of people, processes and property in Pakistan.
our specialties fire fighting systems design supply installation and maintenance in all cities like Rawalpindi,Islamabad,Peshawar,Multan,Karachi,Sialkot,Gwadar,Quetta,Lahore,Faisalabad
fire alarm systems design supply and maintenance ,safety equipment supply ,AMC refilling fire extinguishers in lahore Pakistan,AMC fire alarm maintenance in Pakistan

fire safety equipment in lahore Pakistan

fire fighting equipment in lahore Pakistan

Fire Protection ,Fire Fighting Systems supply & Installation

Fire Cope Pvt. Ltd. company Lahore understand how important high quality fire safety equipment is and so we supply, install and maintain the best quality fire fighting systems  in buildings, factories in Lahore & all over Pakistan.Rawalpindi,Islamabad,Peshawar,Multan,Karachi,Sialkot,Gwadar,Quetta,Lahore,Faisalabad

Not only required by law in all commercial buildings fire protection systems also protect lives and the building from fire.

Fire Cope Pvt. Ltd. company Lahore team is specialist in fire protection and can advise you on the most appropriate type of fire protection systems for your environment.

Our core specialties are  fire protection systems design supply and installation according to NFPA & Pakistan Standers ,we provide fire protection systems in Pakistan as under mentioned

  • Fire hydrant system supply ,installation and maintenance 
  • Fire sprinkler system design, supply, installation, maintenance services
  • Fire fighting pumps supply ,installation and maintenance 
  • Fire hose reel supply ,installation and maintenance 
  • Foam fire suppression systems, foam bladder tank 
  • FM200 system supply ,installation and maintenance 
  • Fire extinguishers supply ,installation and refilling 
  • Commercial kitchen hood fire suppression system supply ,installation and maintenance 

Safety Equipment in Pakistan

The industrial safety equipments we supply are superior in quality. safety products that protects the users from all kinds of injuries. These are highly effective against all types of hazardous environments. We incorporate new technologies from the manufactures of these safety equipments. All the industry quality standards and safety regulations are strictly adhered for supply the safety items. Our safety products are as under mentioned PPe, fire blankets, fire suits ,fire boots ,safety shoe ,caution signs ,respiratory equipment SCBA, confined space entry equipment ,eye showers Disinfectant spray tunnel walk through gate and spare parts,firefighters safety gears ,fire doors emergency exit lights, safety glasses, fall protection.we  supply all over Pakistan,Rawalpindi,Islamabad,Peshawar,Multan,Karachi,Sialkot,Gwadar,Quetta,Lahore,Faisalabad

safety equipment in lahore Pakistan

safety items in lahore Pakistan

AMC fire extinguisher refilling ,AMC fire alarm maintenance in Lahore Pakistan

fire fighting systems Maintenance & Annual Contracts in Lahore Pakistan

Maintenance Fire Protection systems In Pakistan

Fire Fighting Systems Maintenance & Annual Contracts in Lahore Pakistan

Fire Cope team will attend and advise fire fighting systems service routine maintenance  that suits you and your buildings’ requirements in Lahore & all over Pakistan. Our extensive fire fighting maintenance package includes: Fire fighting systems maintenance in power plants ,high rise buildings ,textile industries,oil & gas facilities in Pakistan

  • AMC Fire alarm system maintenance conventional and addressable  (NFPA 72 NFPA 750)
  • AMC Fire extinguishers refiling  and inspection (NFPA 10)
  • fire fighting systems maintenance annual contract
  • AMC fire Sprinklers maintenance and inspection  (NFPA 13,NFPA 16)
  • AMC Fire Hydrant ,fire hose cabinet maintenance and inspection (NFPA 14 NFPA 24)
  • AMC Fire fighting Pumps  maintenance and inspection (NFPA 20)
  • AMC FM200 Fire suppression system refilling and maintenance (NFPA 2001)
  • AMC Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System (NFPA 17A) Wet Chemical Fire Suppression

Fire Alarm Systems In Lahore Pakistan

In order to meet all current fire safety requirements in Pakistan, commercial buildings must all be fitted with fire alarm systems. Due to developments in technology, the advanced fire alarm  systems now available are able to cover needs of every property. A reliable fire alarm detection system will save lives and minimize costly damage to buildings and property.

Fire Cope Pvt. Ltd. company Lahore team can pick the best fire alarm systems for your environment and proceed to installing them in your building. We are also able to perform checks on your fire alarm systems to make sure your building and its occupants are safe the year Lahore and all over Pakistan.

  • Addressable fire alarm system supply ,installation and maintenance 
  • Conventional fire alarm system supply ,installation and maintenance 
  • Fire extinguishing panel  supply ,installation and maintenance 
  • Hazard area f explosion proof fire alarm system supply ,installation & maintenance

fire alarm system lahore Pakistan

Fire Alarm Systems in lahore Pakistan

fire sprinkler design in Pakistan| Tel +92 3094645809 fire alarm system design fm200 system design in lahore

Fire fighting Systems Design in Pakistan

deluge valve system In Pakistan

Deluge valve in Pakistan

fire protection systems design in lahore

Fire Protection Systems Design in Lahore

Fire Cope Pvt. Ltd. company Lahore offers a wide variety of fire protection systems in Pakistan, ensuring that we will be able to provide the highest quality of fire protection for any facility. Our fire fighting design Team, work closely with clients to provide detailed explanations for each type of fire protection system available and the benefits of choosing a particular fire protection system type. We will help you choose the fire protection system that best fits your needs for simplicity, reliability, and ease of maintenance of all types fire fighting systems ..

Each fire protection system, for both new construction and existing buildings, is custom designed to meet all applicable codes, time, and budgetary guidelines dictated by the client as well as local and national regulations. Many of our fire protection systems are available with specialized features, such as concealed sprinkler heads, pre-action systems, and a variety of materials.

  • Fire Sprinkler System design (Alarm Check Valve system) Hydraulically calculated
  • Warehouse Sprinkler System design (Storage Sprinkler System) Hydraulically calculated
  • Deluge Fire Sprinkler System design Hydraulically calculated
  • Fire Alarm System supply & design as Per NFPA 72, NFPA750
  • FM200 Fire Suppression System  design Flow calculations with Proprietary software
  • Foam / Chemical fire Suppression system design Hydraulically calculated

Contact Fire Cope Pvt. Ltd. company Lahore today to learn which fire fighting system would work best for your building or Industry in Pakistan

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